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Since 2011 we have been exclusively focused on providing support, advocacy and mentorship for Post 9/11, high school educated, short term service veterans. It is this team that makes our mission possible.  
Meet The Board
  1. Executive Director
    Rick J. Collins
    Rick is a ‘Brit’ Veteran with 10.5 years of active duty who came to the US in the 80’s (yes he is that old) to play rugby, seek fame and fortune. One out of three isn’t bad. Rick has always been very active in supporting veterans both here and in the UK. "I have a personality that leads me to find those who most need the support while at the same time understanding that they are convinced that they don't need it. It is like a second service opportunity and I will keep helping as long as I am able."
  2. Executive Director
    Scott Attenborough SSgt USMC
    Chairman of the Board
    Scott is a veteran of nine years in the United States Marine Corps. As a Training SNCO, Operations Chief, Drill Instructor, and Water Survival Instructor he distinguished himself with four meritorious promotions. Scott left the Marine Corps as a Staff Sergeant in 1989. After leaving the Corps Scott has become a leader in the online product, content, and marketing arena. "Since 2011 I have been with Vets 360 as we fight to engage and support our most tough demographic of veterans. It is my honor and privilege to do so."
  3. Executive Director
    Dwight “Wookie” Settle – BMC (SEAL) Ret.
    Board Member
    Dwight joined the Navy in 1978 and graduated BUD/S in 1979 earning the coveted Trident of the US Navy SEALS. During 20+ years of service he served multiple deployments and instructor roles within the SEAL community. Dwight notes: “As someone who has been on the forefront of this nations conflicts and as someone who has seen firsthand the cause and effect of PTS on our special operators I want to do what I can to convince today’s veterans that going it alone if not an option. We are all part of a brotherhood and there will never be an “I” in “Team” when it comes to dealing with PTS.”
  4. Executive Director
    Jay Kopelman LtCol, USMC (Ret.)
    Board Member
    Jay began his military career in the US Navy in 1985, training to become a Naval Aviator. He then transferred to the Marine Corps in 1992 where he continued to fly before becoming a forward air controller and earning his gold naval parachutist wings. Jay served for 21 years in a variety of roles with both conventional and special operations forces. In 2004 he entered Fallujah as the Special Operations Forces Liaison Officer for I MEF to retake that city from insurgents. "One warrior suffering from PTS, substance abuse, homelessness, unemployment and suicidal ideation is one too many."
Jim Symonds
Rear Admiral Jim Symonds was a Naval Aviator and ship’s captain. USS RONALD REAGAN (CVN 76), one of our nuclear aircraft carriers. His last assignment was as Commander, Navy Region Northwest.

Upon retirement from the Navy in 2010, he and his wife, Anne, moved to Arizona.

Rear Admiral Symonds feels a commitment to our young combat Veterans as being necessary and worthy. 
" As someone who had the privilage to command these young men and women, it is an honor to continue to be able to help influence their lives"
John Mulholland
Recently retired from the United States Army LTG Mulholland served as Deputy Commander of the United States Special Operations Command and previously as the Commanding General, United States Army Special Operations Command. 

John has retired to VA where he hopes to settle down and continue to contribute to the well being of our young veterans.
Our men and women ask, will the system stand by those of us who willingly went forward in their name? Vets 360 has answered with a loud Yes. Please Join us.”
Jim Booker
SgtMaj. USMC (Ret.)
Jim enlisted in the Marine Corps in January 1983 as a Basic Infantryman and retired as Senior Enlisted Leader ISAF

Jim has 44 months of combat experience during his career with personal awards that include the Silver Star, Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit (w/star), Bronze Star (with V) and Combat Action Ribbon (w/star).  

Jim retired to Waco TX with his large family. 
"We spent a lot of time teaching them how to kick down doors and destroy on contact. Now it's time to teach them how to open a door and we need to walk through it with them.”
Jeff Powers
Col. USMC (Ret.)
Colonel Powers was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps following graduation from Villanova University. Jeff retired in June, 2003 and is now president of Powers Built, a SDVOBE.

Colonel Powers’ Personal decorations include the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star with Combat V, Meritorious Service Medal w/2 Stars, Combat Action Ribbon.

Jeff is married and has two daughters, Amanda and Brittany.
"They have earned our support - pure and simple - it's time to deliver it."
Heidi Hulst-Powers
Heidi is a LMFT with twenty years of experience working with children, adolescents, adults and veterans.

Over time she developed a strong interest in treating traumatic stress using evidence-based treatments and methodologies all of which Heidi has expertise in treating.

Since marrying into the Marine Corps family she has gained a true respect for military culture. “
"Healing and positive growth often happens ‘after’ adversity. I am committed to providing practical steps to those we serve as part of the Veterans 360 team.”
Ben Buchholz
Ben currently the Executive Officer of the 11th MP Brigade (US Army Reserves). Ben is a fluent Arabic speaker and author of the books ONE HUNDRED AND ONE NIGHTS (Little, Brown: 2011) and PRIVATE SOLDIERS (Wisconsin Historical Society Press: 2007), which both focus on the Iraq war.

Ben believes that the experience of going to war makes young soldiers different, often in very positive ways, and that efforts like those of Vets 360 to help struggling Veterans readjust are critical not only to the individuals but also to the strength of our country.
Managing Director
"Efforts from organizations like Vets 360 are critical not only to the individuals but also to the strength of our country."