Veteran Advocacy - Technology - Employment
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Veterans are young and old, with us still or gone before their time. They are reslient, can smile in the face of adversity and are the most trainable of people. They can overcome great challenges as part of a team but they will all tell you one thing - they cannot do it alone. ONE to ONE connection with a veteran is where we must start. When someone with no arms is the best drummer "ever" and someone without a hand can still give you a thumbs up it should tell us how amazing these veterans are. Please join us as we commit to look them in the eyes, to earn their trust, to REMIND then that we care and that our commitment to them has not weakened.

They delivered on their pledge to serve now it's time for us to honor our promise to support them when they come home. RJC.
Support is easy - your hard earned money does not go to exhorbidant salaries or expenses it goes to operational costs and processes that help us sustain our mission. A little monthly or more in one go, it does not get wasted.
Simple Monthly Donation. We cancel after one year unless you give us the approval to renew.
Whatever you can afford in the here and now. We appreciate it and it does make a difference.
  1. 18.8 Mil.
    US Veterans
  2. 35%-6.3M
    Are Served By The VA
  3. 40,000+
    Veteran Centric NP's
  4. 8,000
    Veteran Suicides A Year
  5. 1 - T-Rapp
    Smartphone App ***
*** That can connect veterans to a consolidated, single point application, that gives them access to transition related information support and training modules, transition and mental health resources and a network of fellow veterans. ​​
Listen to our song
"Take a Hand for PTS"
Let's Get Together
Whether you have a large foundation or you want to make a small monthly donation please consider us. If you are a corporation who is looking to engage your employees in ONE to ONE support for today's veterans let us know. If you offer "honest" services to veterans such as educational courses, meaningful employment, engagement and volunteer opportunities, internships et al. please let us know. For pennies you can offer these services through us while at the same time helping us increase awareness and funding for operational costs.